Cyber Roundup is a cutting-edge cyber security-themed outlet dedicated to providing the latest news, insights, and analysis in the field of cyber security. Their mission is to keep their audience informed and up-to-date on the latest developments in this rapidly evolving and critical field.

The outlet releases content in two different formats: Quicklooks and Deepdives. Quicklooks are brief, rapid-fire updates that provide readers with a quick snapshot of the latest news and trends in cyber security. These posts are designed to be consumed quickly and easily, allowing readers to stay informed without having to spend too much time on each individual piece.

On the other hand, Deep dives are in-depth analyses that take a comprehensive look at a particular topic or issue in the world of cyber security. These posts are longer and more detailed, providing readers with a thorough understanding of the subject at hand. The goal of the Deep dives is to provide readers with a deep understanding of the topic, allowing them to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the issue and its implications.

The team behind Cyber Roundup is made up of a group of experienced cybersecurity professionals and journalists who are passionate about the field. They work tirelessly to research, analyze, and report on the latest developments in cyber security, with a focus on providing their audience with high-quality, informative content that is both engaging and accessible.

Overall, Cyber Round Up is a must-read for anyone interested in the field of cyber security, whether you're a seasoned professional or simply someone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments. With their innovative Quicklooks and comprehensive Deepdives, Cyber Round Up is a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay informed on the latest cyber security news and insights.

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Bob Bragg

Bob is a senior data analyst. His work focuses on global cyber geopolitical issues and persona based Social Engineering.